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A record number of teams participated on the sixth Can Touch Disc. Among the 18 squads we had the old friends and some newcomers too from Nyíregyháza, Timisoara and Sofia. Beyond the ultimate the participants worked on recording some layout performances, took part in the betmix competition and made bets on the outcomes of CTD matches.

The below teams’ performance was outstanding and earned special awards and congratulations at the end of the tourney:

  • Szakág – the winner of the ultimate tournament;
  • Bambi – the owner of Spirit of the Game Award;
  • Marcell Németh – Layout champion;
  • Free Jam – winner of betmix contest

Final standing – SOTG point:

  1. Szakág (Budapest)
  2. Mekkora (Budapest)
  3. krakUF (Kraków)
  4. Baník lásky (Prievidza)
  5. Soimii Patriei (Cluj Napoca)
  6. KEFEAR (Kosice)
  7. The X Team (Timisoara, Bucuresti, Sofia)
  8. Jam Bees (Debrecen)
  9. Sky Up (Kosice)
  10. Szufla (Szeged)
  11. Free Jam (Debrecen)
  12. Fehérvár Lionz (Székesfehérvár)
  13. Purple Bees (Debrecen)
  14. We Can Fly (Nyíregyháza)
  15. Old Bees (Debrecen)
  16. Flying Wookie (Székesfehérvár)
  17. Purple Free (Debrecen)
  18. Bambi (Budapest)

Detailed results: CTD 2016 scores