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On this page every registered teams will be introduced with a few sentences. For more information about the clubs go to Ultimate Central.

Azvarlirea: Azvarlirea was founded by Elite Tourism & INA – NGO in 2014 in Timisoara (Romania). They started 2016 on CTD and during the year they gathered a lot of experience on various tournaments in Gödöllő, Bucharest,Timisoara, Sofia and Bratislava. The team developes rapidly, so you’ll be impressed by their performance on CTD’18.

Bambi: Bambi is the girls’ section of LOL. The team members’ goal on CTD is to practice against open squads and have ultimate fun on the Saturday night party. If you think they are underdogs, well your jaw will drop by the unstoppable precision Bambi attacks your zone and by the devotion they defend their own.

Baník lásky: Baník lásky is from Prievidza (Slovakia) and it was founded in 2010. Since their first participation on CTD (happened in 2013) they gathered a lot of experience and returned every year to Hajdúböszörmény to start the new ultimate year with a great and fun tourney. Last year they got to the final, this time you can expect even more from them.

Dinomite: Dinomite from Budapest is a team of mainly junior players playing with their adult coaches. Their team spirit and enthusiasm is amazing. This overtuned team morale might influence the effectiveness of their trainings and preparation but their coaches are experienced enough to help the players to keep their feet on the ground. Last year they competed on CTD under the name JuiceDay and got 9th place.

Díszkanál: When FreeBees registers two teams to a tournament the second team is usually named as Díszkanál. In Hungarian it means “spoon for decoration” and in English… well you probably understand this wordplay joke. Do you think this is only the B team of the organizers? Bear in mind that Díszkanál won CTD in 2012.

Fehérvár Lionz: Fehérvár Lionz is located in Székesfehérvár (Hungary) and it was founded in 2012. The team rapidly grows and develops. They have experienced players and rookies as well and the team usually lines up with mixed setup. A lot of their players wants to start an early ultimate season and CTD is a perfect choice for that.

FreeBees: FreeBees is the organizer of CTD. The club was established in 2004 by students of the University of Debrecen. Later the informal team became a registered association, and won the national championship several times. Today the club runs a multi level ultimate youth program and works in cooperation with primary and secondary schools and also with the local university.

KeFear: KeFear is the successor of First Date and stems from Kosice, Slovakia. They have been part of the CTD series from the very beginning (2011) and getting better and better not only on the field but also on the dance floor.

krakUF: krakUF is a Polish team from the beautiful Krakow. They are also called as “Dragons” and they host the Dragon Cup hat tourney. krakUF is one of those teams that participated every year on CTD since 2011, moreover they became champion in 2014 and got to the best four in the last two years.

LOLka: In 2018 you will find LOL players in Mekkora, Szakág or Bambi and they have enough players to form an own team as well. On indoor tournaments LOL usually plays under the name LOLka. Watch out because on their last appearence on CTD’15 they got 4th.

Mekkora: The team Mekkora is an elite squad of experienced ultimate players who have their own clubs or retired already from ultimate but they tend to form a competitive team for indoor and beach tourneys. The first appearance of Mekkora was in 2008 and since then they reached the semi final in almost every tournament they participated. What’s more Mekkora is became CTD champion in 2015 and 2017.

Old Bees: Thanks to the youth program started several years ago today FreeBees have plenty of young talents who are really eager to get experience against adults. In order to give space for the new generation the old boys and girls of FreeBees decided to set up a separate team. You will see a lot of familiar faces from the good old days.

Outlaw: Outlaw is a team, recently created by a group of friends from Budapest. The thing the teammates have in common is that they are all in love with ultimate. As the team name shows they are not afraid of anything to beat the opponent (only lawfully of course). Outlaw’s main division is mixed, but they want to practice and have a great party on CTD. Their purpose is to improve game skills while having fun during the tourney but they are ready to collect the trophy as well.

Paskudy Sabinov: Paskudy is the newest ultimate team in Slovakia from a small town called Sabinov. The teammembers are mostly juniors or people around 20 years old and they started to play ultimate in 2014. Can Touch Disc will be their first tournament abroad. We are very excited to get to know them.

Szakág: Szakág stems from the disc golf division of LOL. It was established within the club in 2013 and its members participate on disc golf tournaments in Hungary and in the neighboring countries. These guys are also ultimate players and belong to the bests in Hungary. Moreover they won CTD in 2016.

SZUFLA: SZUFLA was established in 2010, and it’s founders were university students from Szeged. Since 2010 they have gathered a lot of experience and now they are about to share this knowledge with the next generation. Most probably you’ll see some young faces in the team.

ZsZsGyV: This newly established (2016 summer) elite formation is up to win this tournament as they have never failed in any competition they participated in. These tall guys constitute rather a family, and they have as many team members as many spirit points they get per match. This year their goal is apparently to win the sculling. As well as the ultimate racing.